Wednesday, 16 January 2019

App Review:

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I have played this on and off for a number of years, and never got round to mentioning it on the blog. But ever since it was first launched Songpop has been one of the best selling and most played quiz apps out there.
The app, as you can probably tell, is all about Music and players go head to head with other quizzers to identify pieces of music. It may ask for the artist, the title or the band, but either way you are identifying what you hear and selecting from 4 options. The quicker you get the question the more points you will get. There is a nice range of music and certainly plenty to make you think. Too many music apps go down the "too easy its not fun" route, but not SongPop!
The only one downside to the game is that still, after years of player complaints, you can still loose a game by getting 5/5 right and the other player only gets 4 if they are that much faster than you. A small quibble in the scheme of things and one that shouldn't put you off trying the app!
A superb app, the finest of its kind (in terms of identifying music) and dangerously addictive!


  1. One of my favourite apps! If you can find a way to invite me to a game it would be great to go head to head?

  2. I got this as I wanted to improve mu music....a year on and Im still only on 10% wins!

    1. A daily dose of Popmaster will help! They do a podcast now