Friday, 18 January 2019

Quiz Trek: The Albert, Sunderland

The Albert Sunderland
Pub Quiz
Sunday Nights
Before we start, regular readers may be already aware, that this entry into the "Quiz Trek" for 2019 is a quiz I host. Part of the reason for this series of posts is to promote quizzing as much as I can and make sure people are aware of quizzes that are up and running! Especially in my hometown of Sunderland. So no harm in mentioning my own Quiz in Sunderland....
This time last year I had no real desire, or given any serious thought, to becoming a quiz host but an opportunity came up in May last year to host at a wonderful venue right in the heart of Sunderland city centre and I jumped at the chance!
We have a good bunch of regulars, with varied winners and a good cheat-free quiz running that usually starts at 7.30pm and is over by 10pm-10.30pm ish. Cash prizes, beer tokens and a rolling jackpot are all on offer and I have worked out a good format that changes from time to time.
Pictures, News, Connections, Music, a weekly themed round, Top 5, Entertainment and a General Knowledge round.
Ill post some examples of the quiz up over the next few weeks to give you a flavour of the questions!



  1. Good Luck! Will this be running in August as I am in Newcastle visiting a Friend?

    1. Yes every Sunday from 7.30pm. We usually do a Bigger Quiz on Bank Holidays as well. If you let me know in advance Ill hold you a table

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed it is. They've done a great job with it