Sunday, 27 January 2019

Popmaster now available as a Podcast!

I imagine its part of many quizzers daily/weekly routine to listen to Ken Bruce's Popmaster quiz on Radio 2. Usually airing around 10.30am on a weekday morning, in the past, for people like myself who can't listen live, the only way to catch up was to make stream from the iplayer, search for the time and listen.
Now there is a handy Podcast available, and has been for a month or two by the looks of it! Ideal...cut into  a 15 minute episode with listener feedback from Ken!
BBC have it HERE but its on all major postcast platforms, my favourite of which at the moment is Castbox


  1. 15 minute episode takes only 7 mintues if you cut out the babble! (and 3 in ten)

  2. What is your average score? I am lucky if I get 15.

    1. Depends on bonus rounds....20-30 usually. Although odd days Ill get a 9!

      Usually get about 1 of the three in tens per week

    2. Varies wildly....I think last week my highest was 30 (very rare though) and lowest was 6!