Monday, 28 January 2019

Last Nights Jackpot Questions

Last nights quiz in the Albert (Sunderland City Centre) was a close one all round but still no one managed to win the full jackpot. A side prize was won the World Leaders question but elsewhere the other three went unanswered. How would you have done?
Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is based on a novel by David Garnett?
Sports Equipment
Mondopoint, is the official international system, for measuring the size of what piece of sports equipment?

Teachers often have INSET days at the start of new terms. What does INSET stand for?

World Leaders

Which world leader is married to a woman who once was his literature teacher at school?



  1. 1. Whistle Down the Win?
    2. Something Ski maybe?
    3. Internal Service Education Training
    4. Macron

  2. 4 is Macron 100%

    I think 1 may be Aspects of Love?

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