Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Quizzing Resolutions

Its that time again when people all across the globe draw up lists of New Year Resolutions of what they hope to do in 2012. I have my own personal goals, nothing dramatic, but hoping to finally move into Sunderland nearer work, work harder to save money, get a holiday abroad for the first time in years and also to finally pass my driving test would be pretty close to the top of my list, but for the sake of my quizzing here are some of my resolutions.

- A very simple one to start off with, simply attend more quizzes. I get to quite a few but for various reasons..... financial, work related etc.....I have been inconsistent at parts this year. There was a time earlier in the summer when I was attending 5 quizzes a week and I hope to get back to that level at some point.

- Get on a TV show. Applications have been going in every chance I get but I hope 2012 is they year I finally make it onto a TV show. An audition I couldnt make for a Nick Hancock quiz and The Chase have cropped up this year so hopefully more will come.

- Run a pub quiz. I had the chance earlier in the month to meet a local bar owner to run a quiz but as ti was during work time I couldnt make it and it was never re-arrange. I really would like 2012 to be a year in which I can run my own pub quiz, even just for one night or to cover a regular. I am hoping this will happen sooner rather than later.

- Expand my quizzing horizons. I am very much at the moment relying on expensive taxis and buses to get to and from quizzes as well as my own two legs. Obviously this restricts me massivley and there are certain quizzes I attend that I wish I could find alternatives to. Hopefully my driving test will be passed this year and I can get up and running and.............

- Join a Quiz League. I have been talking to various people at The Sunderland Echo Quiz League for some time now and there is scope to join but the travel doesnt suit me so if either I get my proposed move sorted or pass my test I can enter this. 

 - Regardless of anything else I really desire to attend an even through the British Quizzing Association. I am an active member of the forum over at and am dying to attend but due to it being Xmas and me changing jobs the last few months finances havent permitted it but I am determined to make it to either Coventry on 7th Jan or Yorkshire the following month.

- Keeping on learning is of course every quizzers goal but there are certain areas, being 26, I am simply very weak in......Tv before the 90's is on area that lets me down constantly and thats something I aim to improve with the aid of Sky plus and the TV companion book my mother bought me for Xmas. 60's music is another area of weakness and improving my knowledge of Food and Drink is key this year also as well as Science.

In terms of The Quiz Addict Blog - 

1. I have been intending for a while to compose a section on the blog dedicated to reviewing the mass of Quiz Books I have collated. This will add a lot to the site and also give me the motivation to work through them at a greater rate. Also, thinking about including reference books.

2. Hopefully I will be able to keep a solid flow of posts going this year, as due to personal issues, the blog lost a bit of momentum when I couldn't post but hopefully everything is sorted now and TQA will grown in the New Year.

That is all for now......I hope your resolutions are much more successful than mine are likely to be and thanks for reading. 

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