Monday, 2 January 2012

A Question of Taste - Episode 1

A Question of Taste - BBC Two - Episode 1
Pick and Mix vs Leeds Foodies

One of my key weaknesses when it comes to quizzing at present is certainly Food and Drink so when I noticed in the Tv schedules that A Question of Tatse, a food themed quiz show, was starting on BBC 2  I was very interested. Not only was it another quiz show on tv, which there can never be enough of, but hopefully I will learn a great deal over this six part series. I didn't know what to expect.

Kirsty Wark fronts the show as hosts as teams of 3 compete, most of which being food experts in some field. They also have Kitchen Corner with William Sitwell as  the "know it all behind the laptop" in Pointless style.

Pick and Mix vs Leeds Foodies

Round one was called See Food and had questions based on pictures. The questions range from difficult to some easy ones and I was surprised how many I managed to get. There seemed to be very little consistency in the difficulty of the questions early on but then again as a total non-food expert, quite the opposite maybe its not fair for me to judge. Either way Question of Taste had a fast paced start with plenty of information being give, perfect for building my own knowledge.

William Sitwell's role on A Question of Taste seems to be to also give little facts about the questions and answers. Very good titbits to know and expanding my food knowledge a lot.

TV Dinners was the next round which involved the Question of Taste teams having to answer questions and fill in beeps from TV clips from years gone by. I learnt a thing or two here as well, such as Fanny Craddocks original name (Phyllis) and seeing Fanny Craddock herself make swans out of hard boiled eggs and pipe cleaners certainly raised a smile.

Leeds Foodies were ahead of Pick n Mix by this point and A Question of Taste was still going at a fast pace with plenty of questions. Round 3 of the show was a picture board with names and pictures of foods and having to guess which originated in South America. Think the TV show Wipeout and you know how this works. 

Food Clues is the next round......a series of clues unveils the name/type of a food. All the usual rules of these types of rounds apply. Leeds Foodies were still on top as the last round Gastro-knowledge started. 2 minutes of buzzer questions, a simple way to end. I learned quite a bit more for this. It was neck and neck throughout the final heat and there were some cracking questions here so credit to whoever is setting the questions. A Question of Taste episode one ended with Pick n Mix stealing it beating Leeds Foodies 17-14. Well played!

Overall I enjoyed The Question of Taste, the rounds whilst not very original, are varied enough to keep attention, its fast pace, William Sitwell gives plenty of information and I do feel as if I learnt something from watching it. By no means the best quiz show on tv but A Question of Taste certainly is something worth watching and Ill be tuning in next week for sure!

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