Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Best Quiz Books of 2017 #1

Similar to the series of posts I am uploading relating to my favourite, and most useful reference books of 2017, I am also going to link to a few of the quiz books I have found most useful and entertaining this year. Again, although most are from this year, they are not necessarily new releases but rather the books I have dipped into this year and go the most from.

I do start however, with a quiz book that was released this year and that is another of the very fine books from the BBC. The Brain of Britain book was released back in October and before I even got into the quizzing side of it, I enjoyed the introduction with a little history of the show. This book certainly doesn't mess about....After some tame quizzes to get you settled, they start hitting you with the toughies straight away. If you have ever listened to an episode of the show you will know what to expect here. A fun, enjoyable and easy to use book that will test even the most seasoned quizzer!

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