Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Favourite Regular Quiz Nights of 2017 - Honorable Mentions

Just before I post up the final addition in the series of my favourite quiz nights of the year, I wanted to mentioned a few other quizzes which I have attended on a number of occasions this year and enjoyed and would be worth your time  -

The Plough, Cramlington - Sunday Night Music Quiz
Kicking off at 8pm each Sunday, a superb active music quiz night. Fantastic range of music with several regular teams creating a good atmosphere. Plenty to win and will certainly help you improve that music knowledge!

The Moorcock, Peterlee - Sunday Night
Ran by a the same quiz host for as long as anyone can remember, a fun cheat free quiz involving 20 GK questions, a picture round and 10 on current affairs. The standard of teams are high and the questions don't sometimes reflect this but everytime I have managed to attend this year I have certainly enjoyed it.

Chaplins, Sunderland - Thursday Nights
Another quiz ran by a local in the quiz league, this quiz certainly gives you value for your time with a ton of questions, music rounds, pictures and one of the best jackpot rounds in the area (and often the highest prize). Sometimes plagued with problems of cheating which puts me off often, but the quality of the quiz cannot be questioned.

Cooper Rose, Sunderland - Monday Nights
Another quiz that falls into the "good quiz but badly ran" category. The style involves interactive rounds, big screens and plenty of picture/music based rounds. Great prizes, the best attended quiz in Sunderland by far, but with the quiz host standing behind a large screen to present, unable to see players, its a cheat rampage with the winning score usually being 100%!

Keel Row, Seaton Delavel - Tuesday Nights
This has so much promise when I first went...the best picture round Id played all year with great variation and set of 40 great GK questions which had me tested and having fun....but then a 75 minute gap between the final questions and the answers. Criminal! This could easily be something I would travel to play in but that waiting time not only allows cheating but is incredibly dull!

Fitzgeralds, Sunderland - Thursday Nights
Sad to see this quiz night dying out. When I first started quizzing it was the highlight of my week and the format remains the same....20 written questions, 10 presented on GK, Pictures and 10 questions on a theme. The regular teams have gone, the host has given up seemingly and the long waiting times between rounds and a GK round that the setter puts together with zero effort has killed the quiz. Hopefully, it can pick up in 2018! I have enjoyed it on several occasions this year hence the mention

Blue Bell, Fullwell - Tuesday Nights
Again being on Tuesday nights, which every quiz around here seems to be, this hasn't been one I have managed to attend as much as I would have liked. Ran by another member of the Quiz League this quiz involves 20 GK questions, pictures and current affairs. Always good questions, always good fun but not quite enough in terms of content to keep me coming back time after time.

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