Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Top 5 Regular Quiz Nights of 2017 #3

#3 - The Chester's (SpeedQuiz)
(SpeedQuiz the first Tuesday of every month)
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My home location of Quiz League matches, and the only venue in Sunderland that is currently embracing SpeedQuizzing. Earlier in the year it was hoped that the SpeedQuizzing would be ran weekly, but due to various issues, it was decided that the SpeedQuiz would only take place on the first Tuesday of each month with the standard paper quiz filling in the weeks in-between.
In the hands of an experienced quiz host, and avid player, the phone-based SpeedQuizzing works superbly. There are no gimmick's, as I have encountered at others, or ridiculous questions worth 100 points....instead you get an intense, fun and engaging quiz night. The first round is the traditional 20 GK questions with a mix of numbers, letters and multi choice questions with 10 points for a correct answer and 5 additional points for the. Round 2 is music with bonus points for the quickest few teams and Round 3, my favourites is a buzzer round....10 points if you're right and 5 points available for teams who agree and disagree correctly. A great night of quiz!
The problem is, bad Speedquizzing experiences can put people off. The hosts have a lot of freedom in how they run the night and I have been to a horror show or two this year where the host awards normal points until the last round where 100 points per questions is the norm. There are all sorts of catch the leader bonsues etc, triple your points etc etc.....luckily none of this happens at the Chesters and if you can find yourself a Speed Quiz with a good host who wants to make a fair game for all, then you won't find many better quiz nights around.

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