Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Top 5 Regular Quiz Nights of 2017 - #5

As always at the end of the year on the blog, as well as looking at my favourite quiz books and reference works of the year, I will be putting together a little list of my favourite five regular quiz nights of the year. I have been to various different quizzes this year, some great, some that I wish I hadn't bothered, and I will start my top 5 off with....

#5 - The Grange
Tuesday Nights - 9pm
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I am starting off the list with a Redtooth quiz. Over the past 12 months, I have played in and enjoyed Redtooths "Its Your Round" at several locations across the region and wanted to include one here. Due to the, shall we say, inconsistencies in the Redtooth standards when it first started to branch out into quizzes and become by far the biggest pub quiz provider in the country, it picked up something of a bad reputation in terms of quiz quality. In the past number of years, this has changed dramatically an the quiz setting has for some time been in the hands of one of the finest setters in the country. I can't remember the last time I didn't enjoy a Redtooth quiz, and if you still have that negative impression it is perhaps worth reconsidering and giving it another go.
The quiz in the Grange, despite having my pet hate of a bar man just stepping off the bar at 9pm to present the quiz, is cheat free and well attended. It runs at a good pace and there is a nice price of a £30 meal voucher to win. The Its Your Round format is in place (current affairs, pictures, Top 5, Trivial trail, connection and wipeout) and the quiz runs without fail every Tuesday!

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