Sunday, 10 December 2017

Quiz Question Answers

The answers from yesterdays quiz...

1.       Lying 2,000km from St Helena and 2,400km from South Africa, which Archipelago is the most remote in the world?
Tristan Du Cunha
2.       Which actor, born in 1941, and Oscar nominated for his most famous role in the 1970s, played Max, the father of the title character in the TV series “Bones”?
Ryan O Neal
3.       The New York Yankee’s No.1 jersey is retired in honour of individual who managed the team on 5 separate occasions including the 1977 World Series victory?
Billy Martin
4.       In the description of the “Elite social class who trace their ancestry back to the colonial period” what does WASP stand for?
White/Wealthy Anglo Saxon Protestant
5.       What does the R stand for in the name of “Love Letters” playwright AR Gurney?
6.       Tatum O Neal was married to which sports star from 1986 until 1994?
John McEnroe
7.       Which Stanley Kubrick film is based on a novel by William Makepeace Thackeray and tells the tale of a fictional 18th Century Irish Rogue?
Barry Lyndon
8.       In 2015, who became the first footballer to have scored hat tricks in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A?
Alexis Sanchez
9.       Who was the first Belgian born singer to top the US Billboard Singles chart?
The Singing Nun
10.   In which country was Bianca Jagger born?
11.   Which musical tells the tale of Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham  on a trip to Uganda?
Book or Mormon
12.   In 1968 who became the first Indigenous Australian to win a boxing World Title?
Lionel Rose
13.   Featuring a protagonist named Harry, “Only Time Will Tell” is the first novel in which series of books?
Clifton Chronicles
14.   The answer to a common quiz question involving Gazza and the 1991 FA Cup Final, who was the first Spanish player to score in the English Premier League?
15.   The Tees Valley Giants, a planned series of sculptures across the region, has stalled with only one sculpture in place – “Temenos”. Who designed it?
Anish Kapoor

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