Friday, 29 December 2017

Quiz of The Year - The UK Pub Quiz Championships (Redtooth)

Once again, 2017 has been a busy year both in my personal life and quizzing. The year started off well quiz wise and I was managing to get myself out to several quizzes a week and play in the League full time. A mid-year house move slowed things down a bit but I still managed to attend several events.

Just like last year, my favourite quiz this year was by far and away The UK Pub Quiz Championships which took place in November at Bramall Lane, Sheffield. It was the one event this year that I made sure I was able to attend and it was a decision that paid off. Spread out over a day this year, as oppose to the full weekend in 2016, the day involved an intense individual quiz in the morning followed by a team quiz in the afternoon.

My post after the event can be found HERE and I would urge anyone keen on quizzing to look out for it next year. Credit to Redtooth and everyone involved in a superb day of quiz.....roll on next year!

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