Monday, 4 December 2017

Useful Books of the Year - Science 1001

The next in my series of the books I have found most useful this year, is one I have mentioned before, but certainly worth mentioning again. Science 1001.

Science is, and probably always will be, the one area of quizzing in which I have struggled and my weakest area by far. Whenever there is a quiz with rounds you can drop, or any choice involved, Ill avoid Science. I had struggled to find good reference works that explained things in a way Id remember and would stick...until this year when I found Science 1001.

This is without doubt one of the books which this year as directly resulted in a gluttony of points for me I wouldn't otherwise have got. Broken down into easily manageable chunks and presented in a way that is engaging and informative, I can't imagine there being a better Science reference work for quiz learning purposes out there....

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