Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Best Quiz Books of 2017 #3 - The Mammoth Quiz Book

Not a book that was released this year, but as mentioned in the opening posts, this is simply a  list of the quiz books I have found most enjoyable this year.

The title of this book put me off from a long time as I assumed  by "Mammoth" it meant....full of filler....but that is not the case here at all here. This is a fantastic quiz book and within the first few pages I had already encountered dozens of fun, interesting and well written questions. The book has GK rounds but is also broken down into themes  so its easy to target areas you want to improve. I thought the quality might dip later on in the book, but to my surprise it sustained until the very last page.

Perfect for all needs, well set out with answers every 9-10 rounds and a book that I wish I had taken notice of earlier!

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