Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Useful Books of the Year - Literature

I have been doing various bits of work on literature over this year and thus have a few books to suggest that I have found useful...

The Big Read Book of Books is ideal if you feel you have a few gaps in your knowledge (if you already are a literature whizz this probably isn't for you!). Summaries and information on the Top 100 books in the BBC Poll from around 2004. Certainly useful in terms of setting and , as I said plugging those gaps...

This book surprised me quite a lot! I picked it up from the charity shop, expecting to pick up a few useful bits and bobs but it as it turns out this is a superb guide to some areas of literature I didn't have much knowledge of.....certainly won me a few points at various quizzes this year.

Finally, and ironically a book someone suggested to me on feedback to these kind of posts 2 years ago, the "Passing time in the Loo" book is superb! Although a little random, it contains good plot summaries of key novels and will certainly help you out if looking to raise literature knowledge.

And I'll end with a Literature Quiz Book from former Mastermind winner, and author of the superb Life After Mastermind blog......so useful, written by a guy who knows the world of quizzing inside out and you will certainly test yourself....for £2 its a bargain!

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