Thursday, 7 December 2017

Yesterdays Answers

 Here are the answers to the set from yesterday

1.       What Himalayan country is called “Land of Thunder Giants” by its inhabitants?
2.       Which Michal Frayn play is based around the historical meeting of physicist Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in 1941?
3.       What is the first song in the score for the Musical “Mama Mia”?
I Have a Dream
4.       Masgouf, a meal of grilled open cut fish spiced with salt, pepper and tamarind, is a national dish of which Middle Eastern nation?
5.       Who provided the first full account of a fossil dinosaur, which he named Megalosauraus, and coined the term ‘coprolites’?
William Buckland
6.       What is the name of the oldest medal still awarded by the Royal Society? (given for outstanding achievement in any branch of Science)
Copley Medal
7.       Formed by Simon Cowell, which boyband featuring members including Austin Porter, Nick Mara and recruits from Youtube, released their debut single “Would You Mind” in 2017?
Pretty Much
8.       In the name of Ray BLK, the first unsigned act to win the BBC Sound of 2017, what does the BLK stand for?
Building, Living, Knowing
9.       Which Scottish poet (1736 – 1796) discovered and translated an epic on the subject of Fingal originally written by Ossian?
James Macpherson
10.   Who was the first actress to win an Academy Award for a performance in a foreign-language film, a feat achieved in 1962?
Sophia Loren
11.   Which US racecourse is nicknamed “The Graveyard of Champions” due to the tendency of many high profile racehorses to loose major races at the track?
Saratoga Race Course
12.   Played by Dan Stevens who is the subject of the 2017 film “The Man Who Invented Christmas”?
Charles Dickens
13.   Which nation celebrates Errol Barrow day on the 21st January each year to commemorate the man who is regarded as the father of the nation and served as their first Prime Minister?
14.   In which country is Henry Miller’s controversial book “Tropic of Cancer” set?
15.   Whose appointment as the first music director of the NBC Symphony Orchestra  led to him becoming a household name in the USA?  At various other times in his career he was music director of La Scala and the Met Opera in New York?
Alberto Toscanini

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