Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Useful Books of the Year - DK Animals

I assume many people reading this will already be fully aware of the quality of the large reference works from DK. Covering as many subjects as you can think of, these titles will line the shelves of many quizzers and for good reason. In terms of colourful, easy to read and fact filled tomes, they can rarely be beaten.

The one I have spent a lot of time with this year, has been the Animal book. As well as Science, Animals is a subject I have often feared in quiz and I will often get simple gimmie questions wrong as its just something I cannot get my head around.

However, this book has helped me on my way to overcoming that.....Well worth every penny of the £20 I paid, just browsing a few pages per day and doing myself some revision questions has helped me improve my Animals knowledge more than any other reference title I have tried!

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