Friday, 15 December 2017

Board Game of the Year

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There has not been an inspiring choice of quiz related board games on the whole this year, but in September I did pick up Jask.
Jask is a quiz game of sorts, but more based around lists than standard quiz questions. The came basically involves drawing a card with a theme on (could be Rivers, Boys Names, Kings, Countries, Books by Dickens, Characters in Shakespeare etc) and a character with a letter on. You can see where I am have 60 seconds to come up with a list of whatever your cards say, beginning with the letter in question. However many you beat your opponent by, is your score and you move your counters.
The upside is, the cards are well put together and the game really does test your knowledge.
However, you really do need people with a good level of quizzing knowledge to make it work best, as well as the need to check answers on online sources. Ideally I would say if you have enough players to make a couple of teams then this will be a blast.......I certainly have enjoyed it the times I have got together with a few like minded people and played it!

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