Friday, 22 December 2017

Top 5 Regular Quiz Nights of 2017 #1

1# The Plough, Cramlington


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Narrowly pipping out all the quizzes I currently attend in my home town of Sunderland, is a quiz that is no longer feasible for me to attend! Earlier in the year when I was spending plenty of my evenings in Cramlington, I discovered this quiz and attended as often as I could. Sadly, not only did it clash with the Quiz League but in addition, my partner moving down to Sunderland from Cramlington meant this became too out of reach to attend!
It is a shame, as this is one of the finest questions I have been to on a regular basis. The questions are top quality, the rounds varied and you are kept busy all night. Turning up every week you never quite know what to expect in terms of the rounds, but you know its going to be good
As mentioned in the previous post, although the question quality is higher at one or two of the other quizzes I attend, this quiz has regular teams and friendly rivalries. I like when you know which teams are doing well and are given score updates, and you can certainly measure if your having a good or bad week.
It is unlikely I will be able to get to this quiz during 2018, but if you are in the area it is well worth your time!

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