Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Pub Quiz Machine......Introduction

No matter what the time, occasion or state of drunkenness I am in, if there is a pub quiz machine in the corner then I will be found at some point in the night endlessly wasting my pound coins to search of a win. I know they are fixed unfairly against the player in this day and age and so does everybody else but at the end of the day I cant keep off them. Many other quizzers find themselves glued to these devices!

I have been reading a very good book lately by Marcus Berkman entitled Brain Men.

Well worth hunting down if you can find it. It goes through, in a humorous way, all the ways and means of a seasoned pub quizzer and in there is a chapter on the quiz machines of old. I have heard many stories such as the one Berkman tells of Pub Quiz Machines with small memories being exploited by alert users. Many people state how within a few hours they could clear the contents of the local pub quiz machines and bag up to £400 a night doing so.

Nowadays of course this is not possible as the memory bank on these machines is so vast, large and constantly updating that at the end of the day seeing the same question twice on some games is a rarity let alone getting a set of questions you have seen before! So learning the answers is no longer an option.

I know what you are thinking......Why is he talking about learning answers when we might know them already? Well the answers that require to be memorized ar the questions which are commonly referred to as "Stoppers".  These are questions that you are unlikely to actually "know" are are designed to make you loose lifelines , take a wild guess and basically loose.

Example of ones I have had before.........

How much did Steve Mcmananan earn each week whilst playing for Real Madrid?
A. £88,000
B. £87,000
C. £86,000

I was down to 1 vs 3 on the 1 v 100 game, had used my Dodge and had to guess, which I did wrongly.

Anyway I have not yet even mentioned the main point of this post which is to review the games on the common pub quiz machines for any future users and give some feedback and encourage views from other readers. I will be starting this tomorrow with Eliminator and continue throughout the weeks alongside my usual posts

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