Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Podcast Recommendation - Historyonair.com

Ever since discovering the wonderful delight of the Podcast I have been sampling all kinds of Podcasts to aid my learning and mainly for personal enjoyment. Over the time using this blog I will be recommending a select few of the finest podcasts out and about that I have found enjoyable and the first will be....

History on Air (http://historyonair.com)

This is a podcast produced by an amateur American Historian covering a wide range of historical events, each one interesting in their own right. Its now reached its 119th edition and during the course of that period so many subjects have been covered doing a short list would be a disservice to the work put into them. Check out the list on the website above.

The podcast are delivered clearly and although at times the presenter does slip into a bit of monotone reading, for the most part this is a very useful and informative podcast that is never boring and always full of useful trivia, facts and slices of information to keep the brain alive.

I love a good podcast as it helps pass the time on the way to work and I have learned quite a lot from this series and would certainly recommend that you dip in and give it a try.

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