Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday Quiz - Weekend Warm Up

A few questions to warm up the mind before the weekend.....Answers in the Comment Box Please

1. If Bassiano's partner is Portia and Nerrisa is in love with Gratiano, who is Jessica's significant other?

2. Which religion calls the burial mound a "Stuppa"?

3. Which battle, which took place in August 1348 in Northern France, was a key element of both the Hundred Years War and the future of warfare?

4. Which King was responsible for whitewashing the Tower of London leading to the name of the White Tower?

5. In what year did the Seljuk Turks conquer Jerusalem leading to the Crusades urged by Pop Urban II?

6. In what year did King Stephen die and who replaced him on the throne of England?

7. Which English King married Elenaor of Aquitaine? (If I remember this question was also Judith Keppels Million Pound Question on WWTBAM)

8. Which event, that took place in 1987, claimed a new worldwide indoor attendance record with the main stars including AndrĂ© RenĂ© Roussimoff and Terry Boella?

9. In a Shakespearian play Launcelot Gobbo is whose servant?

10. Discovery Museum, Life Centre, Metro Radio Arena, Liang Gallery.....all lie in which British city?

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