Saturday, 18 June 2011

TV Watch - A Question of Sport

Ever since I was a young boy I remember watching A Question of Sport. I had a board game, all I remember is the blue box, and each question moved you one step further around the  QS logo to victory. Hours of fun with this and the show has never been out of my viewing since!

Still shown on BBC One, now presented by Sue Barker and with Phil Tuffnell and Matt Dawson captaining teams of three sports stars, its as fun as ever and is something I enjoy watching each week and never fail to miss.

Its in many ways "the perfect panel quiz" for television. It comes across as genuine, lively, funny and unscripted and the nature of the quiz questions add to the enjoyment. They are serious sports quiz questions that avid quiz fanatics and sports fans can have a go at answering. None of this daft, watered down questioning you tend to get on some panel shows. There are novelty games thrown in and Tuffers acts the clown but generally this is one show I am enjoying as much as ever and something I would recommend anyone even with just a passing interest in sport to watch!

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