Friday, 24 June 2011

Quizzing as Escapism

Various forms of entertainment are often classed as being “escapism”. A ways and means to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and the worries and stresses in your mind, and escape into a film, game or book. I never considered quizzing as escapism as being such a huge part of my life, it couldn’t be classed as so. Until now……..

My situation at the moment is worrying to say the least. The job I have had, the only job I have add, working as a tutor is under massive threat. 2 weeks ago we were told around 60-70% of staff, if not more, were to be cut and this week we have all been re-interviewed for work. The new systems and the new roles are within my capability but being based in two offices miles apart the lack of licence makes me an outsider. With my experienced tutors competing with me I have faced that it is game over for myself with the company and I am looking to move on, in September I am likely to be made redundant. As a 25 year old this is all new to me and very worrying, having never faced anything like this before.

But during all this I have failed to notice that the one thing keeping me going is the quizzing! For that three hours in the pub, even if I am watching what I spend more, the worries of work are gone. All that matters is the next questions, remembering the player who has won European Cups with two different British sides, arguing over a picture question and wondering how I failed to get an easy question right. Its home and to bed and always after a quiz I sleep well. Any other night recently I am not with all the obvious worries.

So quizzing has been my escapism this past two weeks and it has taken a lot of stress away from me. Without those few hours in the pub, glaring over an answer sheet a few times a week the stress would be with me more, an ever present but the quiz is allowing me to escape. Without consciously knowing so until now the quiz has been a godsend in the past few weeks. Although this will not effect my playing in anyway its interesting to think about the hobby in general. Something that is so big a part of my life that it consumes my spare time almost in its entirety, is also something that helps me escape the worries and stresses of working life and pending redundancy.  

I am hoping for news today about my future and if the redundancy is confirmed, then this weeks quizzing may not be enough to take away to worry!

So is quizzing escapism in some form? Is there a point at which quizzing is not escapism? 

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