Monday, 13 June 2011

The Anti-Cheat Round!

One issue I raised a number of weeks ago was the fact that cheats can ruin the pub quiz, especially when you know there is cheating going on!

I made a complaint that quizmasters should do more to clamp down on cheating for the health of the quiz in the long run and gave a good example of regular teams boycotting the quiz as cheating was rife.

Another solution which our local quiz master has started to employ is what I call the "anti-cheat" round. Sometimes he tries to mix this in with pictures as well but usually after the 10 current affairs questions he knocks out a themed round. Usually this round would be based on say..."Sundays" every question has something to do with Sunday. Prone to cheating. However lately he has began to change this round and made it tougher. Last week for instance was Cryptic Place Names......almost impossible to cheat on unless he has taken it from another site. Questions such as "Mothers Garden Entrance" - Margate and "Someone who is leaving" - Exeter really do add some diversity to the quiz but most of all annoy the cheats!

Any other examples of quizmasters dealing with cheating?

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