Monday, 6 June 2011

Sunday Night Quizzing.... Victory, Jackpot Success and some teasers!

As usual for a Sunday night it was off the quiz at the Moorcock. After our second place last week my two team members returned (mother and father) to make a foursome. 12 Teams took part in what was again an excellent quiz by local quizmaster Bob Garrigan and we ended up joint winners of the evening scoring 57/64 as well as scooping the jackpot. A profitable night but also a fun one!

Anyway here are some of the questions we faced last night. Round 1 is always current affairs following the picture round so Ill leave that one out and also there was a cryptic round regarding place names. Some of the questions in the final twenty were....

1. Which sport used the term "home run" long before baseball was invented?

2. Who is the only goalkeeper (might be the only player too) to win the European Cup with two different teams?

3. If one parent has blue eyes, and one has brown eyes....what colour eyes is the child likely to have?

4. Which character uttered the word "I dont give a dam" in Gone with the Wind?

5. In which modern day country does the ancient city of Carthage lie?

6. Name the four signs of the Zodiac represented by human figures?

7. The capital of Scotland prior to the 1400's.....raised some debate this one!

8. In which novel did Humpty Dumpty first appear?

9. Which BBC Quiz show has the theme tune called "Approaching Meance"?

10. Who is next in this sequence....William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee?

11. Complete the proverb...."Rumour goes in one ear and out....."

12. True or False.....50% of humans can flare their nostrils?

13. How long does a lottery win have to claim their prize....180 days or 6 months?

Answers tomorrow

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