Saturday, 18 June 2011

When is a quiz, not a quiz????

I have mentioned the issue of cheating several times over in this blog and this past week I have perhaps encountered the worst quiz I have ever been to. It is run on a Thursday night and comes just before a karaoke session. I walked into the pub for the first time on quiz night and found it was not the "usual" quiz crowd but rather younger folk (too young to be being served if you ask me). Anyway, the quiz started....

The picture round was very hard and tricky and in truth very satisfying. They were comedy double acts from days gone by and certainly a tough cookie. This was very enjoyable and gave me high hopes the quiz was to be a success.

We know you want a better quaff

However, the questions began.....and it became a cheat fest. There were to my dismay only 15 questions.......and it took 40 minutes to do the quiz. This gave around 2 minutes plus per question. Cue the cheats. People on phones searching the web, running to the table with papers for answers and the worst case, openly ringing a friend/relative where everyone could hear. This was the worst case of mass cheating I have ever seen. It was so open and blatant you would imagine it was part of the quiz itself!

Anyway, I have totally disregarded this as a possible quiz venue for us on a weekly basis as I do not consider it a quiz. Its basically a set of questions and whoever cheats best wins....and thats what happened! In my view this type of shambles should never be advertised as a "quiz" because for genuine players like myself, its simply a waste of an entire evening.

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