Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pub Quiz Machine Guide - Part 2 - Battleships 2!

This game appears in one form or another on mostly every pub quiz machine around. It shares the same traits as the others but has a few novelty features and is also the site of my biggest pub quiz machine win!

Battleships 2 has quite a simple concept. Its the age-old game of battleships, finding enemy ships by using co-ordinates. Touching the screen launches your missiles. The object is to find all your enemy ships and move onto the money game.

Each game requires different amounts of ships to be located and different sizes. If you miss you must answer a question correctly for another go. You have one pass and one try again which makes it tricky. The questions start easy and the "gettable" or should I say genuine questions are not that difficult. But as usual they throw a "stopper" in which is a question you simply wont know and need to guess. However, I found that in terms of value for money the nature of the questions here gives you a longer game.

If you are lucky enough to find all the ships you move onto the money game which is one of my favourites in any machine. Basically the grid of around 50 blocks becomes blank. You touch a square and it has amounts behind it ranging for 10p to £2 and even double money squares. You can see how this gets addictive. Each square you touch with money in it goes into your pot. However, touch a mine and your money is wiped out to the "safe amount". The safe amount is either the same as the first box opened or whenever you get a lifeboat it saves your money. Very addictive and each time we have reached the final board it seems to have been fair paying out £5 and above regularly. 

This is quite a good game for two people as my other half isnt interested in quizzing but likes finding the ships so it works well on that front and is more interesting for her than standing as I loose my temper with 1 vs 100!

All in all this is one of the best games on the pub quiz machine circuit but beware, as with everything there is a level of it being fixed and the only winner in the long run is the makers

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  1. Do you know any pubs in or around Barnes, London that may have this? We found a pub that had this in Cornwall last year and got addicted - have been looking for a pub with it ever since near home!