Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday Quiz 2 - Questions

Here we are then readers. This weeks Wednesday quiz. As usual answers in the comment box or emailed to Only one entry last week but hopefully we will get a building up of contenders!

Current Affairs

  1. Which “Smile” singer got married this week?
  2. Which did Liverpool pay £20million for Jordan Henderson?
  3. What is the name of the new Government scheme to aid the unemployed back into work which started this week?
  4. Andrew Strauss and which other England cricketer were among the Honours in the Queens Birthday Honours list?
  5. A new record for the worlds smallest man was unveiled this week. How small was he?

General Knowledge

  1. In which Shakespeare play would you encounter Shylock?
  2. In what year did the Peasants Revolt, let by Watt Tyler Occur?
  3. And which king was on the throne during the Peasants Revolt?
  4. Which author wrote the Clockwork Orange novel?
  5. Name the director who brought Jackie Brown to the screen?
  6. What colour is the “black box” flight recorder found on aeroplanes?
  7. Which band have released albums including Performance and Cocktails, Word Gets Around and just Enough Education to Perform?
  8. In which city might you visit an annual airshow, visit the Bridges Shopping Centre, use the Park Land Transport Interchange and see the Winter Gardens.
  9. Name the gaming series which involves the character Solid Snake?
  10. What is the capital city of Bhutan?
  11. What is the name of the craft of shaping hedges?
  12. Which President appears on the US Five Dollar Bill?
  13. In which city would you find the statue of the Little Mermaid?
  14. And in the Disney film “Little Mermaid” what was the name of her love interest?
  15. What is the correct name for grouping of domestic cats?
  16. Where on a rattlesnake would you find the rattler?
  17. MGM is a famous film company, but what dot he initials MGM actually stand for?
  18. Which cat has no tail?
  19. Which nation did Celine Dion represent in the Eurovision Song contest?
  20. In which Shakespeare play would you find Hermia, Helena, Nick Bottom and Tom Snout?

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