Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 - A Year in Quizzing!

2011 is almost at an end and as usual at this time of year I tend to look back on the year that has gone and what better way to do so than look at the year in quizzing.

Back on 22nd May 2011 I created and issued my first post on the Quiz Addict Blog, not knowing where or how it would end up, if anybody would view the site and how much I would be motivated to keep it running. Almost 7 months on and with the blog still going strong I find myself enjoying it more than ever, finding new ways to make it entertaining and gaining more readers. 2011 has been a time in my life that has seen some big changes so the autumn saw the blog suffer but its back now and I intend to make it better than ever in 2012 with new features, regular posting and a whole host of other goodies.

Some of the highlights of the year and notable mentions………..

1)      Quiz Shows of the Year
As you can tell from reading my blog Tv Quiz Shows are a personal obsession of mine. Whilst the usual have entertained me this year with great series’ of Mastermind and University Challenge, as well as enjoying the likes of Million Pound Drop, Eggheads and The Chase but there are three shows I have enjoyed a lot as I have discovered them this year.

Only Connect – Shame on me for only discovering this towards the end of the year but now the series has already become one of my favourites. Fun, addictive and utterly engrossing, Only Connect is something all quizzers should pay attention to.

Quiz Trippers -  Channels 4 “Come Quiz with Me” of sorts, this was a fun little show I am hoping to see more off. Quiz Trippers had a lot of criticism but for some relaxing tv to unwind to over tea after work it ticked all my boxes.

Cash Cab – Alright, so by no means a new show but one I discovered on Quest Tv this year. Cash Cab is quick fire quizzing in a simple no frills format and I thoroughly enjoy it!

2)      Quiz Book of the Year

This year has seen my collection of reference and quiz books expand massively. This has been the first year I have purchased Trevor Montagues A-Z of Everything and that has been used massively so the nod must go to that. On the Tip of My Tounge, I Used to Know That, Pears Cyclopedia and The Danergous Book for Boys all must get mentions but its Montagues tome that deserves the main plaudit. As an essential to a quizzer as the pub quiz itself!

3)      Quiz Website of the Year

Two websites stand out this year for me and other than here, there are two website I spend most of my quizzing time on.

A close second place would be, the home of the British Quiz Association. With a lively forum and plenty of quizzing discussion this is one of the sites I make sure I visit almost every day. The site has undergone changes in the last few months so the once fun multiplayer games have gone, hopefully only in the short term, but either way the site is friendly, welcoming and somewhere I intend to carry on visiting in 2012.

But one site above all has proven to be provide me with more pleasure than any other than that is David Clarks Life After Mastermind Blog. I cannot recall how, earlier in the year, I stumbled on this site but ever since I have been reading it on a daily basis. David is a friendly chap who puts great effort into the site and has a true passion for quizzing. Having appeared on and won Mastermind as well as appearances on Only Connect, WWTBAM, Eggheads and Brain of Britain amongst others David knows what he is talking about and his blog is a joy to read. Also add in the fact the very helpful Quiz Masters eye feature and his range of ebooks, and you have a fantastic online presence in the quizzing community. Very much the inspiration for TQA!

4)      Personal Quiz Moment of the Year

Well there could be a few contenders here but my first victory at the Moorcock Quiz in Peterlee must be up there as well as, at the same quiz on another week, being the only quizzer in a full room to answer a questions right.

But in all just simply getting out there, going to as many quizzes as possible and getting the much needed experience of being in a pub quiz has been my personal highlight.

So as 2011 draws to a close I look back fondly at my Quizzing and look forward to an even more quiz filled year! Now to come up with some quizzing resolutions…………

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