Monday, 5 December 2011

TV Review - Cash Cab

Currently showing on Quest here in the UK, Cash cab is one of my favourite gameshows at present. Its simple fun and has a good range of questions to help pass away the time in front of the TV. I am pretty sure they are all repeats but have no idea when they were originally shown, but there seems to have been a fair few episodes made so plenty to catch up on! I am talking here about the UK version but there is also an American version, the tv guide rarely lets you know which is to be shown, but both are equally as good.

The premise of Cash Cab is simple. The cash cab drives around whichever city it may be in, once someone gets in the taxi the gameshow starts. Answer increasingly difficult questions of different value and you will find yourself with a tidy sum when you reach your destination. Loose all three lives and the cash cabs stops and you can wave goodbye to your money.....and you are walking home!

Its fun and fast paced, the questions dont stop coming and to win you do have to know your stuff. The first set of £10 questions come under the "too easy" category but once the £50 questions hit and £500 questions thats serious quizzing. There are a friend, ask a passer by etc....but to win you do have to know your stuff. Ive never seen anyone bluff a cash cab win as the £500 questions are often too tough to guess.

All in all I would suggest anyone who has not seen cash cab head over to Quest and try and catch some episodes. Each episode of cash cab is only half an hour long and crams in plenty of questions. Great viewing for quiz nuts!

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