Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sales Sales Sales

I ventured out today to hit the shops for a few bits and bobs and a look around the town to see what quiz related bargains I could pick up and noticed one or two very good bargains in chain stores that may be worth brining to your attention -

The Works are selling Pears Cyclopedia 2008 Edition which I would recommend highly for only 99p. The book is choked full of usual quiz titbits and even though this is the 2008 edition its well worth that price to add to your collection.

Also I have been after Trevor Montagues A-Z of England and Ireland for some time and it was on sale in BargainBookTime which I believe is a chain store for only £4.99.

If anyone else notices any quiz books or reference books in sales please let me know and Ill post them up!

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