Tuesday, 6 December 2011

News Quiz - Tuesdays Questions

Here are the latest batch of questions in my daily quiz of the latest news -

First off here are Mondays Answers :

1)      HSBC
2)      Tian Tian/Yang Guang or Sunshine/Sweetie
3)      Lie in
4)      Northern Ireland
5)      Martin O Neil
6)      Leeds
7)      United Russia

Tuesdays Questions:

Tuesdays Questions:

1)      Scientists claim to have discovered a planet they are stating could be “Earths Twin”. What is its name?
2)      Which former Manchester United player was jailed for 15 months this week?
3)      Who won the 2011 Turner Prize this week?
4)      And what is the name of the spoof “Tuner Prize” awarded in Somerset each year?
5)      Which former driver, who died this week, holds the record for the narrowest ever race win at 0.01 seconds over Ronnie Peterson in Monza, 1971?
6)      Barack Obama revealed this week he had a secret crush on which film star?

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