Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday News Quiz

As part of a new feature on TQA I am going to be giving a daily news case. You might find this helpful preparing for pub quizzes etc (which is the reason I am putting it together!)  or if preparing a quiz yourself feel free to use any questions. Ill post answers up the following day with the new questions.

Monday's Questions.....

  1. Which Bank was fined £10.5 Million for mis-selling investment bonds to elderly people in care?
  2. Name the two Pandas who arrived in Edinburgh Zoo last Sunday?
  3. Liking a what on a morning was revealed this week by experts to be “in your genes”?
  4. Who has been appointed manager of Sunderland AFC?
  5. Which country was announced has having the worst level of tooth decay in  Europe?
  6. Which symphony Orchestra had £20,000 worth of instruments stolen this week?
  7. What is the name of Putins party in Russia which suffered its worst election results of its 12 year rule this week?

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