Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Google Proof Quiz

Interesting reading here...

Not meaning to start the whole phone-cheating debate again but I was interested in one quote from the quizmaster...."At first you used to get people sneaking Collins Encyclopaedias into the pub.".....Really? Did this happen? I have been going to quizzes only in the post-mobile phone world so Id be interested in stories on this.

It sounds like the guy hasnt really come up with an "ungoogleable" general knowledge quiz, but rather changed the quiz entirely to something different.


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  1. It was an old couple who did my quiz at The Ox Noble in Manchester! The first time they came down they didn't even hide the fact they had it. I told them you can't use that and I had to disqualify them!

    And as the article says "Rather than testing general knowledge, the monthly quiz at the city centre’s Retro Bar poses a series of lateral-thinking, spot difference and observation-based puzzlers."

    The article is slightly wrong where it says I've been doing Pub Quizzes for five years. I've actually been doing the one at the Retro Bar for five years but I hosted my first quiz in 2003 and yes I was getting tired of the same format twice a week every week for nine years so I wanted to do something different and i am very proud to say I really think I have.

    It also offers people who aren't good at retaining Trivia, people say with more common sense than intelligence the chance to partake which has opened up a larger market for me.

    Thanks for showing an interest

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