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Celebrity Mastermind - Episode 2

Celebrity Mastermind - Episode 2

After being a bit disappointed with last nights first edition of Celebrity Mastermind with questions even more toned down than usual, I was hoping tonights show was a bit more interesting. Preparing this blog post I noticed the contenders for tonights Celebrity Mastermind....

Simon Day
Sophie Grigson
Steve Harley
Stacey Solomon 

All seemed fine until I realised what I had just read.....Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Mastermind. Please no! Without meaning to cause offence I find Stacey Solomon to be on the most irritating and annoying people on television. Even from a quiz show fanatic like myself getting through the rounds of Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Mastermind without either turning the sound off or changing channel would be tough.

Nevertheless, the second episode in the ten series run of Celebrity Mastermind got underway with Stacey Solomon herself with an interesting round on a favourite TV show of mine, The Inbetweeners. A little giggle as she walked to the seat reminded me of the reason I cannot stand this woman. Never mind, its for charity. Taking an age with the first question was a sign of things to do and she was dealt really easy questions. Pitifully easy. Stacey Solomon scored 5 points and was not too annoying but thankfully the round passed quickly. Bless her.

Sophie Grigson was next with Friends of the Highgate Cemetery trust....I managed to bluff a few questions and knew a couple more but was no where close to Sophie's score of 10, a very confident showing.

Simon Day came in with a subject I knew very little about, The Sopranos Series 1 and 2. I couldn't hazard a guess at most questions but Day held his own scoring 8 with one pass.

And finally Steve Harley took to the black chair to answer questions on TS Eliot and the Four Quartets....thats more like it! 9 point scored with the hardest questions of the round I feel, although cannot comment on how hard The Sopranos were.

So after the specialist subject round of Celebrity Mastermind Episode 2 the standings were - 

Sophie Grigson - 10
Steve Harley - 9
Simon Day -8
Stacey Solomon - 5

A three way battle was shaping up now and it would prove to be an interesting General Knowledge set. Being in last place Stacey Solomon came out first and set off on her Gk round after the usual Celebrity Mastermind chit chat. She tried to be cool and calm but got her usual laughs from the audience from her mention of a run for Prime Minister! This woman hates silence! Jacobs Creek brought a chuckle to me, not knowing who Rooney married was surprising and scoring 5 points was at least something. Now onto the reasonable contenders....

Simon Day was next, great to here of some new Fast Show episodes, to be called The Faster Show and shown online. He got a very gettable set of questions, evident by the fact he managed to get 15 and taking his total to 23 which is always a strong score on Celebrity Mastermind.

Steve Harley was next up getting off to a poor start by somehow thinking Jaws was a whale....the pressures of the chair! His score of 13 was not quite good enough to make up to Simon Day leaving only Sophie Grigson with the chance of toppling him to take tonights Celebrity Mastermind title.

Grigson struggled with a few answers on Mathematics and The Sound of Music and seemed again to be feeling the pressure of the chair. Missing a few gimmies cost her dearly and she score only 12 points in the final round gaining 22 points making Simon Day the winner.

Final Standings - 

Simon Day - 23
Steve Harley - 22
Sophie Grigson - 22
Stacey Solomon - 10

So another straight forward episode of Celebrity Mastermind with a good close first round leaving the General Knowledge round more open. The next episode of Celebrity Mastermind airs tomorrow  at the same time.

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