Monday, 19 December 2011

Brain of Britain - Round 1 - Match 5

Brain of Britain - Round 1 - Match 5

Just finished listening to the fifth match of the current Brain of Britain episode (thank you BBC iplayer!). The series is in full flow now and this was another cracking episode with a close fought battle.

The contenders this were…
Jim Connolly
Hamish Cameron 
Michael Frankel 
Lee Stone

Hamish Cameron, who has been a Mastermind semi-finalist in the past was perhaps the strong favourite going in and got the ball rolling. It was a mixed start for everyone with no one really taking any control and a few answers thats seemed to be guesses rather than knowledge. Everyone scored early by Michael Frankel took the early lead and seemed to looking good for the win streaking ahead early on as the others failed to find their feet.

As always with Brain of Britain though the tide can change so quickly. Lee Stone failed to get going throughout the contest and James Connolly showed some good knowledge but never looked likely to challenge for the victory. By the end of Round 3 Hamish Cameron had settled into the Brain of Britain chair and closed the gap to an ominous point. The usual Brain of Britain listeners question was rather interesting this week with a former Semi-finalist sending in poetry related questions which the new Brain of Britain contestants faired well in but the listener again took the prize!

Michael Frankel was still looking strong as the field narrowed but Hamish took a lead in the penultimate round and would stay there until the end. Frankel couldn’t add to his 12 and left the path open for Cameron to notch up some crucial points and take Victory in a very competitive Brain of Britain opener.

Final Score                       
Hamish Cameron - 17
Michael Frankel - 12
Jim Connolly - 9
Lee Stone  - 6

Congratulations to Hamish Cameron who moves onto the Semi Finals of Brain of Britain! On another day Michael Frankel might have been preparing for a Brain of Britain Semi final but Hamish was just too strong in the long run and will be a tough contender to beat!

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