Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Answers to Sunday Afternoon Quick Quiz #1

Answers to Quiz #1

1.     What is the popular leisure creation of Alfred Butts? Scrabble
2.     What is the official language of Haiti? French
3.     What was Fredrick Waltons most famous invention? Lino
4.     In Ireland what is a lough?  Lake
5.     In which city is the National Railways museum? York
6.     In 1980's Tv, what type of institution was featured in St. Elsewhere? Hospital
7.     Which Jennifer starred in Maid in Manhattan? Lopez
8.     Which Rugby League team are the bulls? Bradford
9.     What scale is used to measure chilli peppers? Scoville
10. Which middle name is shared by David Beckham and Kevin Keegan? Joseph

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