Friday, 16 December 2011

Redtooth - Views?

I have only ever attended a handful of Redtooth quizzes, but after talking to a few quizzing friends about the quizzes that the company produce, I had a negative opinion of them before I had even attended my first Redtooth quiz. I live in a rather old-fashioned small town so most of the quizzes round my area are ran by locals who have been doing them for longer than I've been alive. But there is one of the "Sizzling" chain of pubs who run a twice-weekly quiz and its Redtooth who supply the questions.

For anyone who is unfamiliar Redtooth, the website found HERE provides quizzes to pubs on a weekly basis around the nation. All the ones I have been to have used the same format so I assume most do..........Pictures, Current Affairs,Top 5's (You need to produce two lists of Top 5's i.e. first five men on the moon), Trivia Trail (first letter of the answer is the last letter of the answer before), Connections and a Wipeout Round.

The first criticism I have heard levelled at Redtooth is that the quizzes are too "gimmicky". I would tend not to agree with this but then again its all just a matter of personal taste. I love my quizzes that are just straight up 50 questions of General Knowledge but I also enjoy Redtooth Quizzes.

The "gimmicks" tend to provide something a little different than the usual array of quizzes I attend. I really do enjoy "list" type questions so the round on those really does please me and the Trivia Trail is fun too as it at is very satisfying getting the chain of 10 and working it out. The connections round is fun and the Wipeout Round gives the quiz a nice twist at the end (Ill be posting in future about these rounds). I thinks its a very very varied quiz and that makes it enjoyable.

I can see why Redtooth have had such success. I quiz with different people and for my family, who are casual quizzers, they tend to enjoy the Redtooth quizzes much more than anything else. Its a varied format, every round is different in some way and the presentation is very professional.

All in all I am very positive about Redtooth and in my case I have seen many people who would not normally attend a quiz try a Redtooth one and love it! If this is the case then having Redtooth around can only be positive for the future of pub quizzing as people will be more inclined try other quizzes once they are bitten by the bug!

I would not like to do a Redtooth quiz evey night of the week but on my pub quiz circuit the Redtooth quiz is certainly one I enjoy.....and plus looking at it from another perspective, its one my family team enjoy and at the end of the day thats what matters!

I would be interested to know other peoples opinions on the brand and the pub quizzes they offer?

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