Sunday, 6 January 2013

Coventry GP - January 5th 2013

My first quiz of the year was at the monthly British Quiz Association Grand Prix held in Coventry yesterday. After attending, and enjoying, an event towards the end of the last year I was very much looking forward to kicking the year and I had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

The quiz itself was much tougher than other papers I have played in and seen from these events but I actually managed to get my best score so far. Reward for the long hours I am putting into to upping my key general knowledge areas. I beat a fair few people who usually beat me (if I don't attend I usually buy the papers and complete at home and compare scores) and definitely felt more confident than last month. As with all quizzes I kicked myself a few times at the end with questions I should have known, but some of my "guesses" worked out well so the score was fair. I am still missing more "gimmies" than I should probably due to inexperience but they will come in time and I am happy with my score.

 I won't give any examples of questions but if you are keen to see them then you can bu them through the Quizzing website HERE

The afternoon always sees a team quiz with teams allocated according to rank. I met some wonderful people both within the team quiz and throughout the day, whether it be readers or facebook friends. The team quiz was much more relaxed, nice and varied with plenty rounds to get stuck into and unlike last month I managed to contribute a great deal to the team and we managed to do well. Thanks to those involved in putting the team quiz together and indeed my team mates for a great afternoon.

The venue was superb, Lime Tree Park WMC, with a nice big room and good facilities. Hopefully next year will see a return to the venue. Well worth a 6 hour round trip.

My only wish is that I had started attending these events when I first noticed they existed as it is vast becoming the highlight of my month. (Although this is mainly due to the fact of the generosity of local quizzers offering me a lift ). If you have ever considered attending an event then don't do what I did and keep putting it off. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and the whole experience is very fun.

Now its off to look at those answers I got wrong to work out how to keep improving....

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