Friday, 18 January 2013

Face The Clock

I have been watching the new Channel 4 mid-afternoon gameshow Face The Clock for a couple of weeks now. My initial impressions of the show were not that great but over the weeks I have become a little more accustomed to it.

The show is hosted by Rory Bremner and if I were to say it resembles the game of "Pass the Bomb" you might get the idea. Contestants build up money by answering questions, nothing unusual there. They can "question or nominate" to use a popular phrase and should a question be answered wrongly you keep getting asked them until you get one right! If you are stuck facing questions when the timer goes off then you are out. The tactics come in the fact that the contestants know what the timer could possible be (from a given range of times) and it creates a tactical game. The game side of it is quite interesting and the whole show is held at a good fast pacing.

The questions themselves are relatively easy with one or two trickier ones thrown in. Think pre £1,000 standard on WWTBAM and you have the idea.

Its worth watching as its a fun format and although it certainly is not a "must see" there are far worse quiz shows out there to spend your time on.

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