Monday, 21 January 2013

TQA Quiz Trek 2013 - #1

Chaplins, Sunderland
Thursday Nights

If you were reading the blog last year you will have perhaps noticed my "Quiz Trek" which I embarked upon. This was basically a review of quizzes in the local area and due to moving home I was not able to get through as many as I would have liked. The series of posts will try and cover as many different quizzes as possible. For instance, even though I attend Chaplins nearly every week it will only feature once in the "trek". I hope to attend a good number of different quizzes in the year and I know from feedback last years was helpful for people finding local quizzes so if you have been to any let me know!

I start off with one of my most regular quiz nights, that being Chaplins quiz on a Thursday Night. It kicks off usually around 8.30pm with the picture sheets before the main quiz beginning around 9pm. The pub is located in the city centre, just near the bus station and metro station and in my experience has always been a welcoming and friendly. 

The quiz is ran by a good friend of mine who has plenty of quiz experience so you know its in safe hands. The range of questions is always good with well balanced rounds. The only slight problem perhaps is that out of a possible 75 points, 20 of those are taken up with 10 pictures and 5 Artist Track music rounds. I often find therefore than the whole quiz rests on which team does better here. A really bad round on either makes it hard to come back. Not ideal as I much prefer a straight-up quiz but a bit of diversity now and then doesn't hurt.

The questions are broken into rounds, sports, TV, Current Affairs etc with a Connections Round (always cracking!) and a Wipeout  Round (one guess in the round goes wrong and the whole round is wiped out) which adds some tactics. 

The night is capped off with a  jackpot of at least £100 pound. If your number is drawn you get one shot at a question on the mic to have a go at winning. Thrown in to the night as well is a booby-prize for the second last time and a prize for best team name (a theme is given every week to keep it fresh).

All in all its a fun night. There is not quite the grasp on cheating that I would like to see but it does not have such a huge bearing on the quiz. Its well attended and I am sure any quizzer would enjoy it!

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