Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Quiz Questions

I intend to include a lot more actual quiz questions on the blog this year and to get the ball rolling here are a mixture of Current Affairs and General Knowledge with all answers in the comment box...

1. Which Cricket team have withdrawn from an upcoming tour of Pakistan this week amid safety fears?

2. Which song was voted by Radio 2 listeners as the "Greatest Ever Number 2" this week?

3. .....and which festive song managed to surpass 1 million sales this week, 25 years after its original release?

4. Which Australian fast bowler will join Brian Lara and Enid Blakewell in the Cricket Hall of Fame?

5. Sony announced this week it was ceasing production of which record breaking games console?

6. What was the name of the first play written by Harold Pinter?

7. "Running My Life" is a 2012 autobiography of which sports star?

8. Which fictional character once punched Hitler back to Germany during WW2 and upon his short-lived retirement in 1997 sailed into the sunset with the Spice Girls?

9. What is the most populous county in the US state of Alabama?

10. She was the first African-American female to win the Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Play but is mainly known for her role as Clair Huxtable in "The Cosby Show". Name this actress.

11. Stirling Moss was the first British Driver to win the British GP. At which circuit was the race in which he achieved this feat?

12. Moss went on to win the British GP again gaining another first. He drove the first British car to victory in the race. What make was the car?

13. And I might as well chuck in the old Stirling Moss chesnut How many F1 World titles did Stirling Moss win?

14. What nationality was the artists Gustav Courbet?

15. Also considered the nations "Cultural Capital", which is the third largest city in Morocco?


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  2. Fes isn't in Turkey, it's the second largest city in Morocco, and Courbet was French, although he did spend the last few years of his life in Switzerland.

  3. 1. Bangladesh
    2. Vienna - Ultravox
    3. Fairytale of New York
    4. Glenn McGrath
    5. Playstation 2
    6. The Room
    7. Seb Coe
    8. Desperate Dan
    9. Jefferson County
    10. Phylicia Rashad
    11. Aintree
    12. Vanwall
    13. 0
    14. French
    15. Fez