Friday, 18 January 2013

This weeks league: NUMP, wrong questions that are not wrong questions

This weeks league match on Wednesday was again, as enjoyable as ever. A close run affair between the top two teams in the table at present which we managed to win 34-31. On a personal note I continue to add points to the team. I have mentioned before my initial worry on joining the league was that I would not be able to answer any questions but I have proved my worth I feel in recent weeks. There are no individual questions in the league which is a very positive thing in my view but this week I managed to chip in with answers other team members seemed not to know including the kind of animal Jeffrey from the Toys R Us ads is and something of a chestnut to me, the current England footballer who won his first 5 caps at five different clubs.

And then there was NUMP.....

Going back before I even started this blog and was only quizzing casually I got a question on personal ads wrong. You know, those lonely heart ads where people look for a GSOH and someone with their OHAC. Anyway....NUMP came up and I had no idea. I always try to learn from quizzes I go to and think thats a key way to improve. Whether its a local quiz, a 10 question set from the paper or a 240 set from a GP if I go wrong I read around the subject to drill it in. Personal Ad's had been something I had therefore looked into. And sure enough at the league this week..."What does NUMP stand for in lonely heart ads?".

Without a shadow of a doubt, and to the amusement of my team mates, I gave the answer "No Ugly Men Please" for the points.

Of course the quiz league continues to show up some areas of weakness which I need to work on. There are questions I am still unable to hazard a sensible guess at but my knowledge is certainly improving with every match and the company continues to be great.

Roll on next week!

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