Thursday, 17 January 2013

World Almanac 2013

Sadly a lot of Almanacs have gone by the way side, probably drowned out by the information available online. However, one title has remained and I received the latest version as a Xmas present. Suffice to say with it being featured on the site, its one I would recommend.

The book contains all the reference topics you would expect and rather than just list events from the past year i.e. Booker Prize Winner it lists all such winners since the prizes came into being. It covers all major quizzing subjects with added bits of detail, plenty of trivia to go with the fact and a great overall range of material to work with. It is American though which means the first 50-70 pages which cover the US Election in minute detail might be irrelevant or uninteresting to some but the whole scope of the book make this an essential reference work!

The above link is about the cheapest price around for the title and its available in hardback or paperback.

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