Wednesday, 30 January 2013

TQA Quiz Trek 2013 #3

Isis, Sunderland
Monday Nights

This week was my first visit of the year to one of my favourite quiz nights, and indeed favourite pubs, in Sunderland. In fact the Isis is perhaps one of my favourite pubs anywhere and is a charming little place full of character, friendly people and fantastic real ale.

The quiz takes place on a Monday night starting at 9pm and I was glad to see that they have not tinkered with the format. The question master is entertaining, friendly and welcoming to new teams and has a very loyal following which means that there are always a good range of teams in the venue. 

The night starts off with the "Its Your Round" Red Tooth quiz. I know Red tooth is not every bodies cup of tea but, as I will mention in an upcoming post I think they are improving rapidly, besides the point I have always enjoyed them. Pictures, Current Affairs, Top 5's, Connections, Trivia Trail....I am sure you are familiar with the format by now if you have played Redtooth.

Built into the night are rounds of card bingo, a deal or no deal game with the chance to win £250 and the night ends with the Red Tooth Fun Fortunes round which is basically family fortunes. Although I despise when they shove a family fortunes question into the normal quizzing rounds I really enjoy it as a stand alone quiz.

All in all the Isis is a friendly quiz night with Red Tooth quizzes, a great quiz master and a lovely pub. 

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