Thursday, 3 January 2013

QI 1,227 Facts to Blow Your Socks Off

I am sure, if you were brave enough to venture out into stores in the pre-xmas rush, you will have noticed the latest book from the QI team. The title "1,227 Facts to Blow Your Socks Off"  pretty much tells you the extent of what to expect from this title.

I did not have any real intention of buying it but was alerted to the fact the Kindle version was 20p. Not a half-content version, not a preview, the actual full title was and still is 20p. Santa was nice and brought me a new Kindle this year and this was one of the first titles I downloaded. The best thing about Kindle services too is that, providing you download the free app, you do not even need a Kindle to read it so you can add this to iphone's, laptops and all other sorts of devices. 

What about the quality of the facts and content? In my opinion this is a very interesting book all round with plenty of content to suit the inquisitive mind. In terms of use for Quizzing not a great deal of this is likely to come up but you never know, the quizmaster may have received this as a gift and put it to use.

Either way its well worth the Kindle asking price and I have picked up some fascinating, if entirely useless information from it. 

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