Sunday, 27 January 2013

National Television Awards

It was probably a long shot hoping that The Chase would win the "voted-for-by-the-public" NTA award this week for best Daytime show this week. It was great to see a quiz show nominated for the award but with the Goliath that is This Morning in there and the weeks of self-promoting it has done to get votes, its hardly surprising it won.

It did make me wonder though, considering how many quiz shows are on in any one given week, could a National Television Award for the Best Quiz Show (I suppose you could say Gameshow?) be out of the question? I think not. Producing a quiz show takes great skill, time and effort I would imagine. Inventing a new format that works even more so. Quiz shows have some of the most steady and loyal audiences, The Chase is a ratings smash, University Challenge and Mastermind are always in the Top 10 BBC shows of the week and even Eggheads has its moments where it seems to appear on that list. Throw into the towel all the many shows Channel 4 and ITV have thrown at us and there is plenty to choose from.

Perhaps it would open the cane of worms whereby every genre would be then expecting an award and it maybe my bias but in a publicly voted awards ceremony, why not place in a tv genre that is and always has been fondly loved by the public.

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