Friday, 22 July 2011

Another New Quiz for Thursdays....

As I have mentioned in various other posts I am currently looking for new quizzes in the local area and this week found out that Peterlee Catholic Club hosted a regular quiz night each Thursday. It was a pleasant evening so myself and my other half took a leisurely 30 minute walk up to the venue in the hope I had found a new home, or at least an alternative one, for my quizzing needs on a Thursday night.

Its been years since I have been in the Peterlee Catholic Club and certainly have never been in the upstairs room where the quiz is played before but the impressions were good. Very smartly decorated with a nice atmosphere, friendly service and there were around 9 teams (other than us it was at least 5 per team) playing so it was a decent turnout. For anyone who is local the quiz starts at 9pm and took around an hour and a half to complete.

The format is quite simple. 10 picture questions open the quiz followed by 5 General Knowledge, 5 Current Affairs and 5 Sports Questions. There is no easing in here, the question are all teasing and in some case quite tough so we had to be on the ball straight away. 

Following this there were 5 questions on identifying Singers and Songs from pieces of music and straight after the break there was another 5. That means 20 points in a quiz out of 55 are music tracks. I don't so much mind these, and it certainly gives a bit of variation to the quiz, but due to me being 25 and my girlfriend being 22 some of the music we just have no clue so we struggled a little bit picking up very few points. It was fun still though as there were a few songs we spent a while thinking about and ended up getting, and rounds like this give my other half, who isnt into normal quizzing, something to get her teeth into.

The round ends with 5 General Knowledge and 5 Sports questions and that is the end of the main quiz. The Peterlee Catholic Club also hold a Jackpot question for no extra cost with a small cash prize although last nights was  very hard being based on knowing what was the first cruiser class to be fitted with anti torpedo missles! Hasten to say I could not even pout together a decent guess and the Jackpot was not won.

In the end we came a respectable 7th out of 9 teams which considering team size and the music round I was happy with. I got all the questions I should be getting and it was a good quiz.

All in this seems to have been a very very good week for finding new Quizzes to add to my weekly rounds. there is some competition on a Thursday Night around here, by far the most popular quiz night other than Sunday, but the quiz at the Peterlee Catholic Club is likely to be my home for the next few weeks for Thursday Night Quzzing! 

A well run, friendly and welcoming quiz!

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