Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Quiz Ramblings

Just a few odds and ends from this weekend and coming week.

- Attended the usual Sunday Night Quiz at the Moorcock in Peterlee. The quizmaster returned to the usual anti-cheat round (not that he class it this) involving naming cars based on cryptic clues. This meant the mobile phone team did not get the win this week. It was a good set of questions this week, really tough but his "marking up" of papers to make the quiz close at the half way stage is starting to annoy and some of my team mates have refused to go back and want to find a new Sunday Quiz.

 - Oh and a bit of smug satisfaction in the fact I was the only one to get a certain question right in the whole pub....on Cher of all things.

- I must have been on a different planet when the first series of Celebrity Eggheads went to air as I have no memory of this at all so will be tuning in it that this week. Its showing at 6.30pm on BBC2 just after the current Series 9 repeats.

- In case I haven't mentioned it before for fans of Eggheads CJ has a lively Twitter account http://twitter.com/#!/cjdemooi

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